Meet Your Students

There are 5 students who are the in the virtual classroom.


Savannah has a strong mind for details and has excellent analytical ability. She tends to work best on solo projects with clear directions in a quiet environment and may struggle with content if she doesn’t see practical applications. Personally, she tends to be introverted and may struggle to connect socially with her classmates, but she is loyal and kind. Her favorite subject is P.E. and she loves playing volleyball. Her ability for recall makes her a favorite team member at trivia night. Savannah is also a very strong math student.


Dev is a rule-follower, who is self-driven with high standards. He tends to love patterns and approaches learning with enthusiasm and an open-mind. In the classroom, he prefers solo projects and may struggle with a loud environment. Personally, Dev is usually relaxed and friendly, but can at times be unknowingly insensitive to other’s feelings. His favorite subject is math and he loves building models and doing brain teasers when not at school.


Ava is quick-thinking and decisive and likes to be challenged with new ideas and concepts. She works well in a group, and understands better when shown how to do something. Ava can be impatient with others when she feels the pace is too slow and can struggle in a more rule-based, structured environment. Personally, Ava is extroverted and loves taking the lead but can at times be too sarcastic or insensitive to others. Her favorite subject is history and she loves anything related to dance.


Jasmine is an intuitive learner who likes to look at big ideas and patterns and understand relationships. She tends to engage in topics based on her interest or passion level. Small group work is generally successful for Jasmine, but she may struggle with criticism or conflict. Personally, Jasmine is an empathetic introvert, who prefers the familiar. Her favorite subject is science and she is passionate about animal rights. Jasmine is also dyslexic and therefore struggles with her reading.


Ethan is an adventurous learner, willing to step out of his comfort zone and to understand new perspectives. He tends to respond best to short, direct instructions, with a mix of small group work and solo study, and may struggle with detail-oriented work. Personally, Ethan is an extrovert, who loves to make others’ laugh and approaches most anything with a high level of energy. His favorite subject is language arts and he loves playing soccer and video games in his spare time.