TeachLive Experience

TeachLive is our one-of-a-kind virtual reality teaching experience. Students can practice a variety of scenarios, such as delivering lesson plans, managing behavior, and conducting parent-teacher conferences. We have three TeachLive labs located on the Oxford, Tupelo, and Desoto campuses. Each lab has a large television screen where the avatars appear during each session. The avatars act as real students by asking questions, raising hands, and collaborating with peers in a classroom setting. TeachLive provides students with the opportunity to practice being teachers in a safe, welcoming environment before having to enter a real classroom.

Meet Your Students

Check out a snapshot of each avatars’ unique and dynamic personality.

EDCI 352

For your first TeachLive experience, you will teach a pre-written lesson.

EDCI 353

For your second TeachLive experience, you will design and teach your own lesson.